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Grow Your Company and Your Nest Egg with a 401(k)

401(k)s have become synonymous with "Retirement" as millions of employees have used this tax-privileged, convenient and personally directed retirement vehicle to build their largest investment asset.

Just some of the benefits 401(k)s offer include:

  • Recruit and retain the best employees
  • Enable employees to save up to $58,000.00 Pre-Tax
  • Have an optional "match" or contribution from the company into the plan to further incent your employees
  • Enable owners and employees to save for a better future
  • Allow employees to save considerably more than in an IRA with the added convenience of regular payroll deferrals
  • Benefit from tax savings with all money deposited in your 401(k)

So, why doesn't everyone have a 401(k)? Usually, because they have been traditionally expensive and time-consuming for employers - and employees have disliked the little access they have to their information. With Sure401k, we can remove those hurdles and enable everyone to receive the important benefit of 401(k)s in an accessible and manageable fashion.

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