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Plan Establishment

setup authorized representative account

Provide the following information for your new Authorized Representative account and click 'Submit'. The Username and Password you provide on this page allow you to login to the site to administer your company's plan. For more information, see the Account Setup Detailed Instructions at the bottom of the page.

Company Tax ID:
Retype Password:

NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive. The next time you login to the website enter your Password exactly as you typed it on the page.

Click here for detailed guidelines on selecting Usernames and Passwords.

Enter a promotional code (if applicable)
Promotional Code:

Account Setup Detailed Instructions

Before establishing a new plan, an Authorized Representative account must be created. This account allows the Authorized Representative of the Employer to login to the website to manage the plan, including adding more plan administrator accounts.

A "Tax ID" (the nine-digit number assigned to the company by the IRS) is required to establish any new plan. This Tax ID uniquely identifies a company's 401(k) Plan. Note that currently only one plan can be established for each company Tax ID.

If the company associated with this Tax ID already has a 401(k) plan, please contact Customer Support before establishing another plan.

Enter the company's Tax ID, and select a Username and Password for the company's Authorized Representative account.

Click the 'Submit' button to validate the new account information. Once the Tax ID, Username and Password for the new account are accepted, Step 1 of the plan establishment process will begin. The steps of the establishment process are represented by menu items on the left of the page.

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